Your next wearable device could be a temporary tattoo

The next generation of wearable technology will stick to your skin and you won’t have to remember to put it on every morning. Chaotic Moon, an Austin-based tech design firm, is experimenting with conductive paint and electronic components, including LED lights, to build skin-mounted gadgets that could be used to monitor vital signs or hold […]

So the quest begins, I guess I blog now.  I’m going to see if I can fill my time productively with feeds off WordPress blogs.   I deleted Facebook after a very emotional time in my life.   I found that I was posting very depressing items, as I was in a bad place, and in the end, a few days later, I regretted my posts and had quite a few of my friends worried about my current state.   I assured them that I was fine (even though I wasn’t) and decided to try and move onto something more positive and thought provoking.   Happy Sunday.