One more day

unill Winter Solstice then the days start getting longer.   I made it another year.   


“Guitar Lessons”

I come from a family of musicians. On my mother’s side, anyway—the members of my father’s side of the family have trouble enough playing the radio, let alone any musical instruments. My mother and aunt dabbled with the piano when they were young; their mother has been playing jazz and boogie woogie piano semi-professionally for […]

Still no Facebook.
On November 29th I deleted my Facebook account.   You can read my previous post on why, here’s a story that says you’re happier if you give up Facebook.    I don’t know if I’m happier, but I’m certainly finding better things to do with my time.  Unfortunately the local news feeds are mostly doom and gloom, the chive only keeps my attention for a short time and frankly I’d be better off spending time reading my bible.   All the best.   

McDonald’s 2015 you suck.  

I know that as an adult I shouldn’t be eating at McDonald’s… That being said it still happens.   So today I’m at Capilano McDonald’s and simply asked for a cheese slice on my McChicken, guess what was missing???   That’s right, the cheese.   The tag on the box was correct, but no cheese.  Is this a complicated request?   I think not.  

When I first arrived at the newly renovated restaurant (and I use the term loosely) I’m greeted by the hostess who encouraged me to use the new self serve kiosk.  I declined and told her that the staff have enough problems getting it right let alone an automated till.   I explained that 30 or so years ago, McDonald’s knew how to run a fast food restaurant, today they suck.   

The service is the worst, the product is mediocre at best and the ‘new way’ of doing business sucks.  

McDonald’s please bring back the old school way of running a store… Like it was in the late 70’s.   That’s when service was number one, managers were actually managers and the service, product and speed of service was far superior than today.   

That is all.