On that special day…

My desert tonight was called the Gold Digger. 😁


International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Please pray.



And never forget.

A new Bible.

Well so starts another year, 2018 is about to start in less than 10 minutes.   It might actually be 2018 by the time I finish rambling on about this topic.

Each year since coming to the Lord, I’ve been encouraged to read the Bible in a year.  The first year took about 15 months.   Since then I’ve been more disciplined at my daily devotions.

A bit about this Bible, it just arrived in the mail one day.   I asked all my church friends if one of them sent it to me, but no one admitted it.   (-:   So all I know is that April 2017 this wonderful Bible arrived at my door.

Starting January 1, 2018, this will be my years reading plan.   Last year I completed a chronological reading of the Bible, that was awesome.   Instead of front to back, there were jumps around the Bible that took me on a wonderful read through the Bible.

If you’re a believer, Praise the Lord, God is good.   If you haven’t come to the Lord yet, I encourage you to find a gospel preaching church and listen to the Word of God.