Nissan Micra

I have a Micra and really enjoy this car!



McDonald’s 2015 you suck.  

I know that as an adult I shouldn’t be eating at McDonald’s… That being said it still happens.   So today I’m at Capilano McDonald’s and simply asked for a cheese slice on my McChicken, guess what was missing???   That’s right, the cheese.   The tag on the box was correct, but no cheese.  Is this a complicated request?   I think not.  

When I first arrived at the newly renovated restaurant (and I use the term loosely) I’m greeted by the hostess who encouraged me to use the new self serve kiosk.  I declined and told her that the staff have enough problems getting it right let alone an automated till.   I explained that 30 or so years ago, McDonald’s knew how to run a fast food restaurant, today they suck.   

The service is the worst, the product is mediocre at best and the ‘new way’ of doing business sucks.  

McDonald’s please bring back the old school way of running a store… Like it was in the late 70’s.   That’s when service was number one, managers were actually managers and the service, product and speed of service was far superior than today.   

That is all.  

When Addiction Masquerades As Mental Illness

Source: When Addiction Masquerades As Mental Illness

Your next wearable device could be a temporary tattoo

The next generation of wearable technology will stick to your skin and you won’t have to remember to put it on every morning. Chaotic Moon, an Austin-based tech design firm, is experimenting with conductive paint and electronic components, including LED lights, to build skin-mounted gadgets that could be used to monitor vital signs or hold […]

So the quest begins, I guess I blog now.  I’m going to see if I can fill my time productively with feeds off WordPress blogs.   I deleted Facebook after a very emotional time in my life.   I found that I was posting very depressing items, as I was in a bad place, and in the end, a few days later, I regretted my posts and had quite a few of my friends worried about my current state.   I assured them that I was fine (even though I wasn’t) and decided to try and move onto something more positive and thought provoking.   Happy Sunday.


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Forget Wi-Fi: You may soon access the internet via ordinary light bulbs

Source: Forget Wi-Fi: You may soon access the internet via ordinary light bulbs

Having deleted my Facebook account a few days ago (Nov 23, 2015), I’m looking for new ways to kill 10 minutes in the morning.   I set this site up as a test a while back and I guess I’m going to see what all the hub bub is about WordPress.   (-:



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