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My Year in the Bible App

My Year in the Bible App

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Scouts Told to Stop Praying Before Meals



God says almost nothing about how we should dress when we come together to worship him. Almost.

What Should We Wear to Church? https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/what-should-we-wear-to-church


It is a new day and a new time on Word Press… I see there’s a “wipe all site content and start fresh” button… I may yet do that… or as a very minimum clean up some old and depressing posts from years gone by.   I will be spending some on on my WP site, need to get it fresh, need to figure a few things out, and maybe even move one of my domain names over to use as hosting this site.   Thanks, blessings.


Back to stay this time.  

Coming back to WordPress articles after a time away.   I’ve really grown out of social media and would like to focus on quality people and stories, tired of all the rest.  Hoping that I’ll find something creative and worth while to share with everyone.   I do have a trip coming up in less than three weeks… that will be a good place to start.  A new adventure in life, exciting and a little scary all at once.   Stay tuned for more details.  

One more day

unill Winter Solstice then the days start getting longer.   I made it another year.